How to Have 19X More People Find You Than Your Competitors and See You as the Market Superstar...

“You Don’t Pay Until You Get Results, Here’s How. . .”

How to Get Your Business 19X More Brand Exposure and Customers Online than 96.91% of Your Competitors Ever Will…

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Dear CEO s and Business Owners,

“Oh No! What a bunch of C*&#!”

That’s the sound of a business owner when looking for their own business using web searches and only the nearby competitors showed up on the first page.

The owner didn’t believe in local SEO, thinking it was a bunch of technical garbage that costs too much money for too little return.

It’s a true story. I showed a local franchise owner why so many more people were going to the nearby competing store from the same franchise. I went to the owner’s computer and opened Google.

This Result Made the Owner Cry

Then I thought of how I would look for this type of store. I typed in the search phrase and did a search with the owner right in the store.

Up popped the first-page search results for people looking for the owner’s services. It showed the competing franchise store and other competitors along with some more distant competitors.

But this owner’s store couldn’t be found until somewhere down the 2nd page.

This meant more people going to the nearby competing franchise of the same name and never seeing the owner’s store. I’ll show you why in a moment. But first, let’s look at this owner’s dilemma.

The Dilemma of No Local SEO

This franchise has over 5,000 stores of the same name competing for page one of the same search results. I dare say, this is a much more difficult situation than most any owner or CEO like you that reads this letter.

The problem was this owner felt very frustrated and angry with the so-called power of online marketing because they got little to no results from Google searches. To this owner, SEO, local SEO, or whatever you called it would be a total waste of money.

The typical day for them saw very few results from the expensive website sold to them. . . In this case, by the franchise office (but you may have bought yours from a web design firm).

Getting Cheated by Search Engines Like Google

Within the owner’s franchise area, this store was viewed as only average. This made the owner feel like he was cheated.

The owner wanted much more. . .

The owner wanted to be on top but didn’t want to be a prisoner of some expensive digital marketing agency.

So, stick with me because I will show you how this owner went from little known average business to market superstar with little or no risk to start, and no ongoing costs until you get results.

What Most Small Business Owners Don’t Know About Who Gets Traffic from Google, and Why It’s Great for Them

What most business owners or CEOs of a business seeking local search results in their city, county or state don’t know is. . .

Most of your competitors don’t get any search traffic to any page on their website. Google and other search engines like Bing send them nothing. That’s right – zero, nada, zilch.

Ahrefs is an app development firm for SEO agencies who also collect search data on nearly 1 billion websites.

image showing % of web pages getting traffic from Google

Their 2018 study on who’s getting traffic from Google was rather shocking. I bet you didn’t know only 1.24% of all web pages get enough visits from Google searches to create customers each month. This assumes a dismal 1% conversion of visitors to sales.

SEO Facts Requiring Action

Proving the data is solid, I called this owner’s direct franchise competitor to find out if they used a local SEO agency. I simply pretended to want to sell them, and they emphatically ensured they already had a service provider.

Then I called others in the first page results and no others would give me such emphatic answers (mostly the not interested in that “stuff” response). This provided a level of certainty no others used a competent local SEO service.

I’m certain my franchise owner didn’t realize this until I showed this owner the facts.

This literally means if you get a local SEO campaign done right, you compete against maybe 1% of your competitors.

the content factory logo

“If you’re going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of your effort.”

- The Content Factory

Why Chance is a Big Player for Most in Getting Page One Results

The others got in the first page result by chance. I call this the Vegas Method.

For you this means, maybe they were doing some basic SEO, and doing it OK. But mostly these businesses just rolled the dice and hoped for the best.

With further tests on other search terms potential customers of my franchise owner would use I found:

  • 8 out 10 times the direct franchise competitor showed up on the first page (the one using an SEO service).

The other results often returned articles or blog posts and other indirect competitors. No other competitor appeared consistently.

But there’s even more you’re ignoring when choosing the Vegas Method and passing on a dedicated sales effort. You pass on the opportunity to maximize your page one exposure in the search results. We’ll get to that in a moment. . .

First consider this. . .

Wouldn’t it be great to compete in your marketing against just 1% of your competitors instead of 30, 50 or 90% of them?

The Real Sales Value of Successful Local SEO Services

It’s true, there’s been many SEO scams of sorts. Many weren’t scams, just service providers not doing a good job.

But in the end, it meant many business owners and CEOs got disappointed by the return on their marketing dollar. But does this mean there is no value in SEO or local SEO or it’s too expensive?

To calculate the actual sales value and ROI of a properly run SEO campaign. You need to know:

  • The number of visits to a page from a search term
  • The number of leads/sales from the page
  • The average sales price
  • The average lifetime value of a customer
  • The number of potential monthly appearances in the search results
  • How much you paid your SEO provider

Case Studies Revealing the ROI You Should Expect from Expert Local SEO Services

The below slider contains images of results from 3 different size cities each with a different industry. You can see for yourself the value. . .

Car Dealer
Financial Advisor
Out Patient Care

Naturally, I couldn’t give you every industry or every case possible. But you get the picture. The real revenue or ROI value or sales value of a properly run SEO campaign can be huge. We can help you decide your potential.

I’ll tell you about that in a moment. . .

Recent Insights Showing Why You Will Win With Local SEO

  • 46% of ALL searches have “local intent” (a search for local business or information about local business) (Google at Local Search conference, Google Headquarters, Oct 2018)
  • 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses (Bright Local “ Local Consumer Review Survey 2017”)
  • 87% of business to business (B2B) consumers search online for relevant business content, thus search is a big portion of the B2B customer journey (Clutch Survey of 2018)
  • 95% of consumers never leave page one of the search results (Chitika Online Advertising Agencystudy 2013) – this translates to you having 19X (1,900%) greater brand exposure bybeing found on page one by potential consumers/clients.
  • 76% of local searches result in a phone call to a business (Data collected by Search Engine Land)
  • 50% of consumers using local search visited the business within 24-hrs (Google, “Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior 2014, and 2018)
  • 72% of consumers used local search then visited a business within 5 miles reach. (Data from Wordstream collected at the SMX East Conference in Manhattan)

What Your Business Gets from Page One Results from SEO

As you can see, tons of real-world data exist that tell you what you lose by not being found consistently on the first page of searches done by consumers. In fact, the data is overwhelming, and I can’t begin to cover it all here.

One way you might see this is, not being on the first page consistently means 19 times less brand presence than your competitors on the first page have online.

This also means, that even with a modest 5% clickthrough from search to your web page, and only a 1% conversion, you could be passing up thousands of dollars of lifetime sales value from the consumers doing the searches (see case studies above).

Stopping Inferior Brands from Outselling You

In the end, an inferior brand or company may appear superior and get sales you should get because they get found consistently in first-page search results, and you don’t. How does that make you feel when you know you're much better?

That’s why we thought you should have a way to create online legitimacy, consumer/client brand trust, and make you the most discoverable business in your market and do it with little or no risk.

“Superstar Brand Pay for Performance SEO" is what we created to do this and more for you.

You only pay ongoing fees when you get results that will ultimately make you the most dominant brand in your market.

We want you to feel like and be the king/queen of your market.

I’ll show how next so please continue. . .

What Pay for Performance SEO Does for You

To deliver to you a promise of making your brand a superstar in the eyes of searchers online and giving you 1,900% more brand exposure than your competitors at little to no risk, the “Superstar Brand” Pay for Performance SEO package came to life.

ThinkBigandGrow began (under a different name) by doing high quality SEO for businesses. The first time was in 2009.

Since then, we’ve changed and grown because you did, too – and so did Google.

We’ve been working to optimize your search results to meet the needs of the potential buyers. That ensures we optimize for the user intent and not just for Google or search engines.

Kessler Image

“If You Don’t Know the User Intent Behind the Keywords You’re Optimizing for Then You’re Doing It Wrong. Also, If You Are Optimizing for Keywords vs the Needs of the User Then You’re Doing It Wrong.”

- Jordan Kasteler

SEO Director, Hennessey Consulting

image of typical seo results

So, here’s what the Superstar Brand Pay for Performance SEO services deliver to you:

  • Make you the most trusted, most found brand in your market – you get this because the Superstar Brand pay per performance local SEO service gets you on the first page results for 10 of the most important searches potential buyers use in your market. This means you get 19 times more exposure on not just one search, but 10 of the most valuable searches used to make sales.
Faulkes Image

“If you want to make Google your slave, then you have to stop thinking like an SEO and trying to game the system. Instead, I suggest keeping it simple: Create the best content on a given topic. Optimize it for your keywords. And promote it like a man possessed.”

- Ashley Faukes

Founder, Mad Lemmings

  • Get you on your first high value, first-page results fast – you need to get results quickly. Our team gets 80% of clients their first results in 45-days or less because they're highly trained specialists. 93% get results in 90-days or less. The faster you move to the first page, the faster you get new sales. We don’t guarantee a time. I’m just sharing the averages, so you know. We do this by optimizing your website (which is a bunch of technical stuff we will gladly explain if you like).
  • Bring customers to you so you don’t have to look for them – this happens because we create content and landing pages focusing on answering exactly what the consumers search for when looking to buy your type products or services. This new content is optimized to be what the consumer wants, and in a way that Google prefers according to their guidelines (no attempts at tricking or fooling the search engines). The result is your pages reach the first page of search results faster.
Singh Image

“Write for your audience, not only for the search engine. The search engine doesn’t buy your product, your audience does.”

- Umesh Singh

Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Ensure consumers can find your location quickly, before finding your competitors – this is accomplished by optimizing your Google Maps. This is done because studies show buyers, particularly on mobile devices, rely on Google Maps. They expect to find you precisely as well. Superstar Brand pay per performance SEO does this for you.
  • Make consumers trust you over your competitors – online, you have many listings of your business name, address, and phone number. Even many you may not know about. We optimize these listings so they show up consistently the same to consumers searching. According to 2018 data from Bright Local, 93% of consumers are frustrated by inaccurate listings. 68% WILL NOT visit a business if the online information is not correct.
Stoney Image

“If You’re Not Meeting Your Visitors’ Needs, It Doesn’t Matter How ‘Optimized’ Your Site Is..”

- Stoney Degeyter

President, Pole Position Marketing

What happened to the other 7%?

In most cases, the business came to us and did not disclose they had existing penalties with Google. Some were taking other “black-hat” actions behind our backs which could not be overcome.

As a result, Google caught them cheating and they received a severe penalty.

How This Gets You Started...

This all gets started for you with an $850 setup fee (this pays to start “repairing” your website and creating high-quality content).

Your ongoing monthly maintenance fee is just $797 and doesn’t begin until you get your first, page one results.

A 12-month commitment is required because we want all your phrases to rank, and for them to stay on the first page.

Reynolds Image

“Effective Search Engine Optimization Requires a Commitment, Not a Campaign”

- James Reynolds

SEO Sherpa

Compare this to hiring an SEO professional on staff.

According to Glassdoor, the national average for an SEO Specialist is $66,848 – that’s $5,540 per month. For many companies, this is a steal because of the profits they pocket.

But wouldn’t you paying less for a team of professionals who, in most cases, have more experience and success than anyone you might find on your own, be better?

At $797 per month, assuming your ongoing fees kick in during the second month, would mean you pay only $8,820 the first year – a whopping 86.8% savings.

Understanding Why Pay for Results SEO Will Work

Remember my franchise owner who competed against 5,000 stores of the exact same name and services? This owner thought SEO services couldn’t work partially because of the commonalities of 5,000 competitors.

What the owner failed to see at first was the real competition was not 5,000 stores of the same brand. It was 13 stores within the same city limits.

But, the major market for this store was about a 1 1/2 to 2-mile radius. In that radius were 3 of the same franchise stores and two other competitors.

The owner’s real competition was 3 same-name franchise stores and 2 other stores in local market radius. This meant the local SEO problem was much smaller than imagined.

And, only one competitor was doing SEO with professionals.

That’s why the Superstar Brand Pay for Performance SEO was right for this franchise.

Creating a Superstar by Focusing on Your Potential Customers or Clients

Because The Service focuses on your business customers and clients in your market, it quickly puts you where you get found. You become the company trusted by the people ready to buy in your market.

Consumers find you quickly and arrive at your door as a result of pinpoint accuracy in Google Maps when you get the clicks from the first-page search placements.

Your placement on multiple first-page results means you are the most found and most trusted brand. The numbers of people finding you and buying from you will multiply.

So, the Superstar Brand Pay for Performance SEO pays for itself by delivering sales.

But before I show you how to get your plan started, I nearly forgot to tell you about one more great benefit you’ll get. . .

How You Know Pay for Performance SEO is Right for Your Business

For those that want even more faith in whether you’ve made the right decision, we will help you know for sure.

I know, and you know that local SEO services wouldn’t be right for you if you can’t have some reasonable assurance you get a positive ROI from your investment.

It’s true, our Superstar Brand Pay Per Performance is not right for everyone. That’s why when you choose to contact us, the first effort for you is to estimate the value to your business.

Free SEO Value Estimated to Confirm ROI Achievable

We’ll have a value estimate as you see in the case studies above done for you for free.

I’ll get one of the top keyword phrase researchers to review your market and your business products you focus on. This is easily a $600 value for the time and effort it takes.

Then we’ll literally run the numbers based on monthly estimates for the top 10 first page results for your market. Not everyone comes up in the black. If you do or you don’t you then have the data you need to make a significantly reduced risk decision.

This workup takes a couple of working days. But you will know with clarity that the decision you make is the right choice for going from a little-found business in the search, to market superstar.

And you don't have to pay ongoing fees until you see results.

Getting Started with the Pay Per Results SEO Services

image of SEO process

First a reminder of what you will be delivered when you contact us to get started:

  • To ensure your comfort and security with your choice, and before you pay a dime, you get a value estimate. We do this for the likely top 10 keyword phrases you should rank for in your market
  • Begin making you the most trusted brand in your market. This is done by getting you first-page search results for 10 of your markets best search phrases used by buyers. You ultimately get 19X times more exposure for all 10-keyword phrase.
  • Deliver the fastest possible results putting you on in the first page search results. Though we don’t guarantee the time (we guarantee first page results), 80% see their first, page-one rankings in under 45 days. 90% see it less than 90-days.
Kangur Image

“When it comes to analyzing your competition, you should only look at the top 10 sites. There’s no point in looking at site #19 because you’re not trying to get to #18.”

- Karl Kangur


  • Make it so customers seek you, and you don’t have to find them. Our content creation and website optimization deliver what customers seek when they search, plus follow Google’s specific guidelines to ensure long lasting, page-one search rankings.
  • Ensure you get find by searching buyers first, more often than your competitors. We optimize your Google business listing and Google Maps listing to ensure future clients find you accurately every time.
  • Build trust above and beyond your competitors. We make sure wherever future customers look for you online, they find you consistently accurately, so you don’t suffer the fate of up to 68% of consumers. We make your business citations count everywhere of importance they get found.
  • Keep you ranked for the long-term results with web searchers. We apply our 80+ steps to your business every month to not just get you ranked quickly, but also keep you ranked for years to come.
Islam Image

“It’s all about caring for your audience and thus having them build your authority for you. Google will start caring about your ranking by itself as you help provide users with the best results.”

- Nafisul Islam

Expert SEO

How You Save Money With a Local SEO Service

For 86.8% less than the cost of hiring an SEO Specialist, we get you the brand exposure in the search results to deliver new customers/clients every month. You get what 96.91% of businesses never get. . . superstar rights in your market with Google traffic.

When you click the button below, you’ll be taken to a new page where no payment is needed.

Just complete the short form with your your business.

Then we will schedule a call to do a value review to ensure Superstar Brand Pay for Results SEO is right for you.

Once your value review is complete, and you choose to begin, you’ll make your one-time setup fee payment of $850 (fully refundable if after your initial 12-month commitment no words are ranked).

Your transformation from little-found business in the searches to market superstar begins.

100% English as 1st Language Content Writers

We go to work for you creating content, doing all the techie things needed for your site, and applying our 80+ step process. Did I mention all content work is done by American-born English speakers?

That’s right, nothing is sent overseas.

All content is also reviewed by our AWAI and Digital Marketer Certified Direct Response Copywriting Specialist to help ensure the best conversion rates possible from web visitors to your content.

You don’t pay your ongoing service fee until your first search phrase is ranked on page one.

Then you begin paying $797 each month for as long as we work to keep your chosen terms on page one.

That’s all there is to it.

So, What are You Waiting For?

To get started with our super experienced SEO team for Superstar Brand page-one rankings for 10 revenue producing search phrases, please act now because. . .

Warning: we don’t do this for everyone.

We work with just one select business in a niche market in a specific market area.

This means, for example, if you are a financial advisor in Tampa, Fl. and we team up with you. . . then no other financial advisor in Tampa, Fl. can obtain our “Pay Per Results SEO” services.

Don’t wait. Simply click the button below and complete the short form on the next page for your free ($600 value) SEO Value ROI Estimate. There's no obligation. This ensures both you and I that neither is chasing something you can't catch.

Thanks again,

Daniel Gonzalez

P.S. Remember, this may not be right for you. If you have a website, market in English, provide any type of retail products or services, are established in your market (high end or low end markets all eligible), then you likely will qualify for our limited openings. Act fast. No payments required to get started.

Answers to FAQ of Pay for Results SEO Services

How much is Pay for Results SEO per month?

This varies from company to company, but SEO services for small business generally run from $80 to $130 per hour. Services priced lower generally are not performed by experienced teams and the skill level could be in question.

Many SEO agencies for small business work on monthly retainers. The average monthly retainer lies somewhere between $750 and $1500 per month.

Performance-based SEO is usually free or retainer fees to start, and has dynamic pricing.

Nearly all SEO services require a setup fee to start because many processes must be put in place along with creating content both on and off your website.

What is SEO service?

SEO service for small business is a service offered by an SEO service provider. It serves to optimize your web content for both the content users and search engines like Google and Bing.

The goal of SEO service is to make you the best resource for what online searchers seek, thus raising your search engine rankings. This involves both a human element to make the content most useful to human searchers, and a technical element to make your website function well for users and in web browsers.

Ultimately, the goal is getting a web page to appear as high up on the 1st-page search results for the most relevant search terms (keywords) so the website owner gets more visitors from the right searches.

Does SEO work anymore?

Assuming you use what are accepted best practices for SEO, yes SEO for small business does work.

SEO works for any size company or even individuals when you follow the latest conventions looked for by Google, Bing and other search engines. This involves creating web pages highly useful to the reader in both content and its technical functions.

An SEO service provider seeks to do this for each page of your website to get as many pages as possible ranked for the most relevant searches conducted online related to your bus

How do I find the best SEO for my business?

To help better choose the correct services for your SEO goals, use the 5 tips below to guide you to find the right SEO agency for your business.

  • Clearly Define Your SEO Goals. Know what you expect to gain from SEO
  • Find an SEO Company that tracks your data and reports it
  • Get SEO company Reviews, Case Studies & Testimonials if possible. Smaller firms may be more focused on individual clients, so the lack of this does not mean they are not skilled or able to meet your goals.
  • Schedule a Consultation. This should be free.
  • Know Your SEO Budget. This ensures you can get an ROI from your efforts.

How do you price pay for results SEO services?

Pricing of SEO services varies with the type of SEO service you request and the level of service. Every business needs something different to best serve their online marketing goals.

Here are some examples of SEO Campaigns are priced...

  • One-Time SEO Pricing. Range: $1,000.00 - $100,000+
  • SEO Site audits. Price Range: $450 - $100,000+
  • Local SEO (Monthly) Price Range: $250 - $5,000 per month
  • National SEO (Monthly) Price Range: $750 - $10,000+ per month
  • SEO by the Hour. Price Range: $50 - $700 per hour

Some factors influencing the price include the

  • Size of your website (number of pages)
  • Number of keyword phrases needing ranked
  • Competition of the keyword phrases being ranked
  • Amount of content needing optimized or created
  • Level of effort to optimize website code for SEO

Are pay for results SEO services worth it?

The value of pay for results SEO services often isn't obvious to busy business owners focused on sales. Particularly when little results seem to come from their online presence.

Regardless, whether you're a small, one-person shop, or a larger local, national or international business, SEO is very important for gaining leads and customers from web searches. Some may choose to try to do it on their own. Others elect to have an SEO agency do it for them.

The bottom line is, SEO is valuable since for each keyword phrase your business can get 1st-page search results for means up to 19x more exposure for you business over your competitors for a particular search term. This translates to clicks in the searches taking more people to your website.

Is SEO free?

Whether SEO is free or not is a matter of perspective, and how you get your SEO services implemented.

If you do SEO yourself, it will cost you time and effort. There are many free SEO tools. But ultimately, it will be a strain on your time and patience.

Some say the organic search traffic is free. This is true if you are lucky enough to get 1st-page search results doing no work or putting no effort into SEO. This simply would be so rare, that you just as well play roulette.

Page 1 search results in the organic search are highly valuable because once you are there, typically the amount of revenue you can create is far higher than the costs of your SEO service. But it does cost to get there and stay there. From an agency perspective, no search traffic comes free.

Should I hire and SEO company?

In most cases, SEO should be considered as a valuable and viable option to expand your small business. If you believe do not have the marketing money to hire an SEO company, then consider trying to do the basics on your own.

While an SEO company may not be for everyone, ensure to evaluate the time, effort, and money required to gain success with your business being found in the searches. SEO done right is a high ROI marketing strategy.

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